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October 26, 2010


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Uncle Ebenezer

There is no absolute standard with escalators, because just as with stairs, they can be set to go either way. With stairs it takes telling people which one to use; with escalators it takes flipping a switch. Often, to spread the load and even out the wear on the components, the direction is changed differently at different times. And then of course they often break down, so all bets are off. But the one thing that remains constant, even between England and the US, is that in either direction, if you want to stand and let the escalator do the work, you stand to the right, and if you want to get exercise and save time, you walk faster than the escalator, but at the left side of the steps.


Aaah, interesting. I did not know that, but it makes sense. Thank you for enlightening me.


Well, at least there are escalators.

Do you think counters are lower because people are shorter or just random?

I like the idea of a swirl bath, but Im having a hard time picturing it.


True... I don't know, but people in the North actually aren't that short... and yes, I wish I had had my camera with me.


In Brazil they have at least 4 types of outlets. Now they came up with a single one and it became law to use only the new one - which does not match with previous outlets. So all the new appliances and electronics will have a new thing - which of course won't fit in the old outlets.

And you wonder if China is missing standards and is a little messed up? I guess all rapid developing 3rd world countries encounter this type of challenges.

miss you!


Hahahahaha that is funny! I guess sometimes there are just too many choices in this world! Miss you too!

Uncle Ebenezer

There is the same incompatible-outlet-and-plug problem with ever-improving operating systems and software, forcing abandonment of otherwise-perfectly-good hardware that can't run the new software. Bill Gates's fortune is based on that nefarious business model.



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