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August 3, 2010


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William L

The Diet Coke is more than likely refered to as Coke Light. America is one of the only countries that uses the word diet. Its outlawed in most counties.


Ali, I am so enjoying reading about your adventures in China! Sounds like you are learning a lot! Your apartment is beautiful, and I especially liked seeing the quilt that Peg made on your bed! Very colorful decor as well! Stay safe and keep writing!


Thanks Allegra! I couldn't come halfway around the world without something to remind me of Margaret!


of course your grandmother lives in all of our hearts, but having some of her stuff around you is awesome! I was very sad when Colin's (my oldest son) house burned down, and with it the quilt that Peg made for him, we called it the Lander quilt, because Colin's middle name was and still is Lander as a tribute to that part of the family. It is also Mattie's third name...he has four names also, and it is such a pain in the butt with places like doctor's offices, social security, etc. but totally essential to his being and who he is! have an awesome day, and hope that you are not in too much pain from Kung-Fu!

Damian Holmes

diet coke or coke light is silver
coke zero is black


Wonderful observations. A bunch of cities in the US have traffic lights like this, including Washington. Ive also noticed in many places they like it if you take some effort to speak their language, even if you butcher it. I remember that about Paris particularly. I love the teapot. Lets hear more.

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