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July 12, 2010


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Uncle Ebenezer

If you eat every day as grandly as you did visiting the would-be client, you will definitely have a weight problem before long. On the other hand, I can't tell whether the sorts of things you are eating are what put on the weight or whether they are healthy and will keep you trim and lean. But in any event you are obviously open to trying new foods (Grace despaired that from the time I was little I was exactly the opposite). How unfortunate that China is a backward country when it comes to smoking. We are spoiled here, generally not having to endure the foul stuff. I just came back from the funeral of Traude Mainzer, the mother of my friend Frank Mainzer. Their family moved in across the hall from us at 41 West 82nd Street in 1950. The parents were from Germany originally, the two older kids had been born in Holland, and little Susie was borne in Cuba. Traude and the kids survived Bergen-Belsan and Richard survived a different camp. When they were liberated they went to Cuba, but ultimately came to the US, first to Queens and then to West 82nd Street. Richard was a lawyer and Traude ultimately became one, practicing until she was put on the bench as a family court judge by Mayor Koch. Later, she taught law at Cardozo (where I took my degree). She was 96, the same age as Dad. In awhile, I will go up to her apartment at Central Park West and 93rd Street where the family will be receiving. It will be the first time I will have seen Frank's two sisters for probably 55 years. Cheers!!

The Crusty Old Curmudgeon

William L

Hmmm...I love salty duck eggs ;-)


Thanks for your comments Uncle Eb! I have another food post coming. I am sorry to hear about Traude Mainzer, but it sounds like she led a very full life.

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