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July 12, 2010


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Two small comments: The son going to college and working on Wall St. could have had a summer internship, no? And in Mexico we have concrete walls and we buy nails designed for concrete walls.


Hola Luisa! Yes, it could have been an internship, but I neglected to mention that the one son was in school in Denver. Also, I could probably get a special nail or a drill to use for my walls, and I am sure I will eventually, but first I have to find a hardware store or something like that to buy it. That is not an easy task. There is one person at work I can ask these things of, but she is also dealing with every other english speaker's questions. I can't just look it up in the phone book. I can try searching google maps, but the streets on google maps (and the streets in my very nice Beijing road map that I ordered before I left) do not always match up with the actual streets in Beijing. Also it is a very large city and neither the taxi drivers nor the bus drivers (for the most part) speak english. So, hopefully I will get there soon! Besitos, Ali

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